Speak in Code Cocktails. Small Plates. Hip-Hop.

SiC is a cosy, brick lined, plant based cocktail bar in Manchester. Focusing on quality service, forward thinking cocktails and comfort food with laid back hip hop playlists.

Leave the outside world behind...

Speak in Code is all about transportive, homey, casual vibes. We’ve got mad passion for service, flavour and hip hop…

The SiC team cultivates an immersive experience in our low lit drinking den. From the imaginative drinks and bartender made eats, we’re all about sharing our love for flavour exploration and hip hop beats.

Escape into our low lit drinking den. Immerse yourself in our imaginative drinks list while soaking in industrial New York vibes.

SiC Cocktails

Speak in Code has an extensive list of forward thinking, plant based and sustainably focussed cocktails that have a reduce, reuse and repurpose approach. From aromatic cordials made from spent lime husks to banana skin bacon. If we can make it ourselves, we do, and if we can use it again, we do. In the end though, it’s flavour over everything.

Come on in...

Venture through the arch on Jacksons row and leave the world behind. It’s all vibes, passion and flavour on the inside.

We sell bottled cocktails and merch...

Check our shop for bottled cocktails, merch and cocktail equipment. Available on-line or in-store.


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